Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Page...

I added a new 'page' to my blog. This page is to help RES parents lean what knowledge students will obtain in their visual arts class. Bloggers can use it to find projects on my blog easier as well. I have my posted categorized as grade levels. Here you can see what objectives are covered during what grade. These goals are created from the state standards, the district standards and my personal goals for the my classroom.


  1. This is a great framework. It is good sit down and do this. It ends up helping a lot when things get crazy later!

  2. Very true Erica. I find this to be very satisfying when I can check things off as finished! I love checking things off:)

  3. I just started doing this - I looked at what I'm teaching - what standards i'm hitting and started adding things in and moving them around. It's good to have an outline for the year. I also have found that the older grades do less projects because they take longer - I am torn between getting more in or allowing them all ample time to complete...