Monday, September 20, 2010

All levels...

It always amazes me the different ability levels student come into kindergarten with. These students sit by one another, had all the same instructions, and these are the products they produced. This is why I start out with simple lessons. I concentrate on just circles, then triangles for a second lesson, then squares and rectangles for a third. K's are raw and some of them may have had lots of time coloring and working with arts and crafts and others this is their first time with art tools.


  1. Interesting! Although the second one definitely has a beautiful quality to it... I love the pure expression!

  2. Absolutely Therese! Beauty is in every image these creative hands make. My comment is more about a base. If instructing students to make a circle, some still need to be taught what a circle is and others have been drawing for years. Thanks for commenting!