Monday, September 20, 2010

Drawing Circle Chicks

Circles WITHOUT paint! Here I had the kids draw, outline, and color chicks. We used circles to create chicks. These will be cute little fundraising images. Out of the 4 K groups. I didn't do the same subject matter/ or method once. They did however all work on circles.


  1. I think the chicks are cute. I'm also doing a fundraiser, and I always struggle with the k's. I just met them, some of them can't even write their names, and I'm asking them to make art their parents will want to buy. It's a challenge. My first year with the fundraiser, I tried painting ice cream cones with the K's, one of the lessons provided by the fundraiser company. BAD idea. Some kids couldn't handle the basic triangle with circles on top, and mushed it all together into a grayish brown blob. It was so embarrassing! I had no choice but to send them in, with the deadline right on top of me!

  2. Oh I hear ya Phyl! I too have had plenty of BAD works go in. The K's are so raw. Check out tomorrows post and you will see what I mean.