Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Friendemy: a "friend" whom you usually hate or fight with.

Silly Bandz are my friendemy!

I know... I said I hate them. Well when I decided to write about it I had an overwhelming response of comments. I mentioned that I was going to try to develop a lesson with the bands. My husband, kids and I went into a local mega store to find quite a variety of Bandz. I saw Toy Story Bandz and thought, perfect, my son loves Toy Story. They were $4 for 20. I put those down and concentrated on the packs of 12 for $1. This is just for a lesson anyway... right? $12.00 in silly bands later, I'm heading home. That's right... I couldn't stop myself! There were so many different fun shapes and I wanted them all. We got letters and number, US states, baking supplies, and robots. I couldn't stop myself until my husband finally did. Can't wait to try all the fun ideas we shared. I love this form of collaboration!


  1. I was looking for something on Oriental Trading. 500 bands for 30. Not that you need one more!

    Here's the link anyways. .. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?demandPrefix=15&manual_cm_sp=carousel-_-product4-_-product4&sku=24/2254&mode=Browsing&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sd=Shaped%20Fun%20Bands%20Assortment

  2. Thanks ERICA!!! You are a good blogging friend!