Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This week the official award was given to me in front of the 700+ other teachers in my district. It was so fun to have the warm cheers of my friends and coworkers. So now I have a new addition to my desk for this year.

I also was able to brag about my ATC experiment! Today I went to a cultural competency class today and was called on to share something that I do in my classroom! I'm so excited to share about our outrageously spectacular endeavor! On a side note, I will be writing to all my ATC trades this weekend. I have to get through open house:)

I also included a video of a interview they did recently. Check it out and see what a dork I can be at time:)

The energy is high and the kids will be knocking down the door in a couple of days:)


  1. Nichole, you are definitely NOT a dork!!! You deserve to be proud of yourself -I'm very impressed! 700+ teachers, WOW! My district has about 70 teachers total.
    And now that we see what you REALLY look like (radiant smile), the question is: who is the gal in your profile photo?

  2. Thanks Phyl... You are always so uplifting. The profile picture is me. I went to a website a long time ago and it was where you could put your face in many types of yearbook pictures. I love this one... it looks 'teacherish' to me:) I have had it for my identity for 3 years now. That profile picture and internet name is Nic and me, in real life, I go by Nichole most of the time. I like having my secret identy:) Kind of like superman:)

  3. That is wonderful! Congratulations! I was Teacher of the Year on our campus a couple of years ago and it was a very special honor. Makes you feel extra proud of all your hard work!

  4. WAHOOOOO!!!!!! You got the big daddy award. The whole district! That's really impressive!

  5. Wow! that is amazing! Congratulations!

  6. You rule!! I really enjoyed seeing the video of you. I'd need to do a hundred takes to say something sensible on camera! Good for you :)