Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shape Pizza!

Welcome to the weekend! I thought I would show you a 'Shape Pizza' my son did at his Montessori School. I have been really impressed with the cute projects and great knowledge my kids are coming home with. I feel I am getting learning new teaching techniques from bringing my kiddo's to this rich environment. I love that I am always learning how to teach and getting ideas to make my classroom better.

PS. We sure have had fun with that mustache! I think I'm seeing his future:)


  1. Yum. A great follow-up would be the REAL pizza you make at home - round pepperonis, rectangle hunks of peppers perhaps, semicircle sliced mushroom caps, and of course triangle slices!

    And being that my 21 year old son has had his share of facial hair, the real mustache may not be too far away...

  2. Phyl, you are too funny! I love that you tell me about your son... It is a glimpse into my future:) We did do the 'real pizza' idea that night. I have pictures of that too... I just may post about that as well:)