Sunday, September 26, 2010

SILLY BANDS wil be the DEATH of me!

I get it! I get that kids have to have something that is 'cool' and fun! I really do! I was a child of slap bracelets, scrunchies, and hyper-color everything. However I know that I'm old when I say I can't stand the newest craze... Silly Bands. My students are coming to school with hundreds of silly bands on their arms. They are bracelets that are in the shape of different figures. I have decided that I will use this miserable new toy for good however... I'm going to make it into a lesson. I'm thinking contour line. Anyone have other ideas? Are these little bracelets taking over schools in other parts of the country. Let me guess... California had them four years ago and they are just getting to the Midwest now:)


  1. These are super popular in my schools too. I am amazed that even the boys wear them. I really don't mind this craze. I figure that if there has to be a fad, this one isn't bad. At least these silly bands are inexpensive. Everyone can afford a few at least. It's not like past crazes where some students couldn't afford the cool new thing.

  2. I am in NC, an elementary art teacher also, and I HATE THEM! It's not so bad now, but towards the end of last year I was taking them left and right because they were so worried about trading them and not about actually making art. However, just last week I had a 1st grader just taking another's silly band... gahhh!

    BUT, I do like the idea of turning it into a lesson... contour line is great, talking about just using an outline. What about having them draw contour shapes of objects on white paper, painting them with a monochromatic color scheme, then cutting them out and gluing them to another paper (overlapping, composition, etc.)?

  3. you can do crayon rubbings...then have the kids add in details and a background.

    you can lay them down on paper and spatter or spray paint over them leaving a white outline where the silly band is.

    you can flatten some modeling clay, press them into the modeling clay and then stamp with them or take them out and stamp it, leaving the place where you pressed the silly band into the clay white. If you really want to get creative, have them add the details right into the clay with tools before you stamp it!!! Here's a link you might enjoy...

    I've been trying to think of projects for silly bands this is what I came up with so far.

  4. I would love to see your lesson idea! They are taking over so much at my daughter's school (kids with collections up to their elbows, recess swaps)there are talks of banning them from school. At least 1 silly band is left behind after each art class I do. I have a fairly sizeable collection of my own now. :)

  5. Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and California? WOW, these things are everywhere!

    Hot topic! Fun to hear from all of you so far!

    Holly- Agreed! I like that this fad is affordable. It is totally not the haves and haves not! I know the boys are way into these too:)

    Kristina and EJEArt: I love the ideas! Thanks! I really like the link EJEArt has in her response.

    Mary: I know... up to their elbows:) Funny little things!

  6. WOW. I wish the kids could wear them. THEY ARE BANNED FROM SCHOOLS IN NY><

  7. What a great idea to use silly bands for a lesson! So creative! I have to agree that they drive me a little crazy too. However, if they can be used for art I might like them a little more.

  8. Wow, some really cool art ideas! Silly bands showed up in my school right toward the end of school last June, and I am thinking the fad will die out by wintertime. They don't bother me much. Much better than the similar colored rubbery bracelets of a few years ago (just plain round), where each color 'meant' some sort of inuendo, and if you snapped it at someone, you were inviting whatever that color meant. I think once the adults were on to their meanings, they had a quick demise. The silly bands at least are totally innocent, and inexpensive.

  9. For some reason I am not able to post this message from Tina... so here it is...

    this bracelets are very popular also in the kindergartene where I Italy!


  10. They are taking Tennessee by storm!! Our school has not banned them, but some teachers have. I allow them in the room, but if they play with them I will take them up and give them back at the end of class. I let them use them during a free draw time or when Kinders play with play-dough (making an imprint with them in the dough).
    I'm loving the ideas! Keep them coming!
    Just beware some kids are putting them around their necks!!

  11. This is a super cute idea.

  12. I don't have to deal with the SILLY BANDS, they were banned at the end of last year! Done is Done!
    : ) Susan

  13. I don't think they made it to Kansas until this summer. I never saw any last year and now they are EVERYWHERE. I had to start telling every class on the first day that they are accessories and toys and if they are playing with their silly bands, they are going on my desk. They seem to be a big distraction to a lot of students. I noticed some last week who had so many, they wouldn't fit on their arms and had resorted to wearing the silly bands on a chain around their neck. I'm trying to be mindful of my pregnant hormones but these things drive me crazy! At least most of the students are finally getting used to just wearing and not playing. I'm proud of you for turning it into something positive! :)

  14. Contour drawings on white paper...
    outline with glue tinted with tempera paint to give them dimension .
    Make them do say 3 shapes using 3 colors like it might appear when you open up your package of silly bands (overlapping).