Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome Back!

(above) Going to the state fair this summer

I'm on my fifth, first day. Art teachers, you know what I am talking about. I see a rotation of students every 5 days and today is my last, first day. On each of the 5 days I see 5 classes for a total of 25 per 5 day rotation. It totals some where around 650 students a week.

For the first day, grades 2 -5 worked on trading cards. I explained my goals for the trading cards this year and we did a card titled, "What I did this Summer". After explaining several times the 'I' in the title is not me (the teacher) it is them (the student), the kids were excited. My instruction is to draw in pencil first, sharpie and use man y colors (leaving no white spots behind). As they are working, I am making their class seating chart. When the music stopped (about 18 minutes worth) they moved to their new seats and explained to their new table buddies what they did this summer. It worked out great!

5th grade, 1st trading cards

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  1. the trading cards look great! I hope you had a great 1st week of school.