Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remember the vocabulary...

How can you get those kids to remember their vocabulary? MOVE! I ask my students to move to the vocab. that I am asking them to learn. It works! I promise:) Here is an example of the definition for Value, Value is how light, or how dark something is.

Value... (students strike a pose with their fingers in a 'V' shape.)

...Is how Light... (hands go up like the light has just been turned on)

...or how Dark something is. (hands cover eyes, like they are in the dark)


  1. Great idea! That's how I get them to remember the rules too. They do hand motions while we say them. There are still a few first and second grade classes who shall remain nameless who say them in the beginning of each class because they like the repetition and structure of it:)

  2. Erica, We are two peas in a pod! Why don't we live closer to each other?

  3. I really like this. I've found that adding motions really helps the students remember new material. I like to have them snip their fingers like scissors when we say each syllable of "Matisse".