Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ATC with Arkansas... Placement and Size

More trades waiting to go out. Here is the trading cards for Arkansas. Once again this is a concept prepping the kids for their landscape project. Here we are talking about placement and size. I did gave two options for this concept. They could draw a simple landscape, or food on a counter. The kids had a good time with this project. Hope the Arkansas kiddo's like it.

Here's the quick of my 'how to' lesson. If you are wondering, I go through this lesson on my smartboard and then I leave it up. If a kid wants to know a step they are encouraged to come up and move the slide forward or backwards. It works out great!

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  1. I like this lesson! Love the idea of using food - your cupcakes example is cute, cute, cute! Really like that picnic scene, too.