Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interactive Board Tip is a fun site to bring kids to if you have an interactive board. Here you can see my kiddo's who finished early at the front of the class doing a hidden picture find, just like the magazine. There are a lot of fun math games and digital collage. You should check it out. It is updated all the time!


  1. I think my kinders would go loco for that!

  2. Looks cool, but no Smart Board in my room... But I can't miss what I never had, right? I borrow an Elmo from time to time but they can be a little finicky sometimes.

  3. This is almost 100% irrelevant to the post, but it just swam through my brain.....

    My SmartBoard has been out of commission for almost a month now. Why hasn't it been repaired in all that time, you ask? Because it doesn't have a bar code. Until that time when it gets a bar code, it cannot be used as intended. Huh? A month to get a bar code?

    Sorry.... just needed to rant.