Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Painting with ease...

Simplify painting. When I just want to hit a concept quickly but need to use paint here are some of the time savers that I use for my kiddos.
  1. I use q-tips for paint bushes
  2. I use one disposable container
  3. The kids share at each table

Here is an example... Tints with my 3rd grade. I had them fold the paper in 4th and write their name and teacher code on the back. Each table got a container of white paint, a bottle of color, and a stir stick (tongue depressor stick). Each student had a q-tip. I asked student number 1 to poor a little paint into the white. They mixed it up and all the students at the table painted their 1st section with that color. Then the second student added color and stirred, that color was added onto the second space. They continued this process until the paper was filled. They had a blast with it, it was controlled, and very easy for clean up.


  1. This sounds like a fun way to do a value scale, but I don't know that I would hand the kids the whole bottle! I'm afraid they's squeeze it all out in one big squirt, and it would be gone by the end of the morning! Maybe if I put used a smaller squirt bottles so they don't have too much to use up?

  2. The bottle was fine! The containers the kids are poring them into are baby food containers. The worst they could do is fill that up and I put a lid on it and use it another time. I explained how to poor it in and they did a great job, in fact, many times I had to give prompt them to add a little more to make a large enough color change. It worked well!

  3. Hi welcome to my blog, thanks for joining! Love those name squares.