Friday, November 26, 2010

Puple Project

I went to the Minnesota Art Education conference a couple of weeks ago. In one of my sessions they were talking about Stop Motion Animation. I wanted to give it a try. I set up the room for my 1st grade to take pictures and really, it went OK.

As you can see above, I set up three stations. I taped EVERYTHING down. The tripods, boxes, and the tripods to table.

I also placed some tape on the cameras. I thought this might help the 1st graders focus on what button they were to hit to take a picture.

The concept for this process was the color PURPLE. I gave them red play-dough and blue play-dough and had them mix the two. They created a sculpture with the dough and place them inside the box. I had them animate the red and blue blocks in the space.

When you watch the video you will see I gave the kids each a jobs; two movers and one 'camera guy'. The kids did a great job for their first time taking footage and I placed it all together using iPhoto and iMovie. Please check it out below...


  1. o-m-g you are so brave! They turned out amazing!

  2. This is AH-MAZING! You are my hero.