Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on ATC with Australia

So far so good! Our community projects are turning out wonderful! This is my second grade working on their trade with Australia. We (as art teachers) choose to go with a larger format paper for this trade. We are creating image based on our community. The kids used water colors. I'm so excited with how these little pictures of where we live are turning out! I picked a couple of my favorite to show to you today. I may take a few images in to do a scan and keep a copy or two. The girl working on the top image is creating our water tower system. The second image is of a rural scene that you might find in Rogers, MN. The bottom image is a spitting image of our school. These works of art are so individual! I love this project. I will be doing it again with our 5th grade trade with Japan.


  1. Do you have election day off? Me too! Love these quit amazing little artist. The detail is awesome. You are reminding me that I want to do our community project with one grade. I took tons of pics buildings in the community and the kids draw them. Maybe we could send them to you?

  2. How fun! Your kids will have lots of cards when this year is over.

  3. Great pictures! This is exciting - looking forward to our turn.

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