Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ATC Discussion...

I received the ATC from Australia a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to have every student see every work of art. We did a moving critique. I put a small selection at each of the students tables. I gave 4 jobs...

The kids loved it. They touched them all and read them all. They commented on the very nice handwriting of the other students. They loved the art and the different lingo and spelling. It was such a fun, FUN time. I plan to display the art before I give our 2nd grade students their gift from Australia.

Once again... Thanks Dear Anne Farrell!


  1. I've lost your email address, but I wanted you to know that I got your ATCs yesterday and the first class got theirs today. They have a question. What is your school's mascot? Ours is the Elk.

  2. It's SO COOL to see your students with our work ALL the way over in the U.S! My students enjoyed this too - I wish we had more time to do activities with all the cards the way you have, this is a great idea for organising critiques. Thank YOU. :$