Sunday, December 5, 2010

Talking Brush

Field trip down the hall!

My K's and I walked down to the mosaic that Rogers students made last year to discuss what a mosaic is. It was fun to hear that many of them already knew about the piece and could tell me what part their siblings worked on. To open every K's art class I have them pass around the talking brush.

This is the talking brush. We pass it around from student to student and they remind me of their name and answer a question of the day. The only time you can share is when you have the brush in your hand, other wise your a listener. This time they had to spy something in the mosaic. It has been a fun way to give every K a voice and have even just a couple of seconds of my total attention.


  1. Love the idea of passing the brush. I've done this in a regular classroom passing an object, but never thought of using a brush in the art roon -- CLEVER!!!!!

  2. I did this today using a MAGIC marker.I told the kindergarteners that's how it got it's name Magic Marker instead of just a plain old marker. Whoever had the Magic Marker was the speaker. It worked and making up stories keeps ME entertained at the end of a long day!

  3. I so enjoyed reading all about this mosaic project! What a great job!!.