Friday, January 21, 2011

A Lovely Lesson 3

For this project I did little prep on drawing the head. I wanted the 'raw' view of a 'K'. I was really impressed with all the detail some kids added. Check out Easton's work above. Look at dad, I think he has facial hair. I also wanted to point out the hands on what I think is mom and dad... This overlapping was not prompted either.

This student was given the same instructions. It is always amazing to me how many skill levels I have to reach in a class of 25 Kindergartners. Even though I asked kids to cut a heart and created it into a person, I'm always amazed with all the different looks.

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  1. Love true me. Gotta do that when we have an extra minute standing in line. I'm thinking all the kids who come in and have to tell me they lost a tooth or got a new pair of sneakers will love this.