Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Lovely Lesson

Here is a Lovely lesson for February. I was inspired by my mini's at home. I wanted to teach my five year old, Sawyer, how to cut a heart. Of course Matisse (age three) wanted in too. We were talking what we should do with the hearts we cut and Sawyer mentioned he would like to make a person. This idea developed into a family portrait. I loved it at home so much that I brought it to school. Check out the cute, fun, family above by one of my K's.

Here are the inspirations from my household...

Matisse, Age 3 (self portrait)

Sawyer, Age 5 (our family)
I love the cheeks:)

As started writing this post it got much longer then I like my post to be. Check back the next couple of days for more information about this project

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