Monday, January 17, 2011

Sewing with Vinyl...

Check out the cute little vinyl wallets I made. I'm helping the ladies at the local quilt shop, Quilted Treasure, teaching how to make these little gems. Check out my friend Kristina's blog form more information. All are invited, just put a comment on her blog.

If you want to make your own vinyl wallets check out Martha's website. Or even watch a video of the crafter who makes these...


  1. I read this yesterday and am looking at them again today. I LOVE them. I wish I could make them but I'm a novice sewer (curtains and halloween costumes only) despite many classes (I even took an intense pattern making class once.) I so admire people who can really sew! I am always looking for an older retired woman to sit down with me and do sewing projects and be my pretend grandma!

    I think my problem is learning my machine better. I never mess with the tension or the needles. What type of needle did you use to go through vinyl?

    Another snow day and I have some beautiful fabric that has been dying to be made into pillows.

  2. E- you're funny! I'm not really a sewer at all... I'm really not anything, I just like trying everything. Anyway... There is very little that I won't give a try and this is just one of those things:)

  3. Well they came out great you non sewer! If you're selling for a fundraiser I'll buy one.

  4. These are awesome! Also - don't you ever stop!?