Saturday, February 12, 2011

AYM Poster Winner is from RES!!!

Rogers Elementary School fifth-grader Anna Kiffmeyer was selected as the top Elementary Poster Designer in Art Educators of Minnesota's "Art Shapes the World" Youth Art Month poster design contest. "I love that this gives our Gifted and Talented students in Visual Arts a chance to shine," said Art Teacher Nichole Hahn, who coordinated students' participation.

Kiffmeyer's state flag design will be displayed throughout the state as the promotional poster for the State Capitol Art Show, Feb. 27-March 12. Kiffmeyer will be recognized at the State Capitol opening reception on Feb. 27, 2-3 p.m. The artwork will then be shifted to the North Corridor for display during the remainder of the show.

This image was a clip from our Staff Happenings from our district.

I'm proud of you Anna!


  1. This is great!!! I love her design :) I had my students enter for the PA Youth Art Month. They had so much fun! Did you give this as an assignment to all of your students or just a few?

  2. Great question Pam. I have been giving contest as an 'extra time' project for classes. They can never turn them into me at the end of the hour, they have to take them out of class to work more on it. If they bring it back by the due date, I enter it. Works out great for my GT kids.

  3. Nice! Love it when kids do work at home. They are able to do great things like this without the frustration of time constraints. Plus I hate forcing poster contests. . . seems like we get a poster contest every month. It can eat into things we're doing. This is a great solution! I finally have our cards finished. I hope you were serious when you said you had a plan for giving them all back at once by the end of the year. . . I will go get them next week (if Stella doesn't come). Our school is open but they are on break. Forgot a bunch of stuff there because I thought she was coming Friday! Let me know if the delay's a problem and I'll have my husband get them:)