Monday, February 28, 2011

Line Vines

I did a quick lesson on lines with my K's. I called it 'line vines'. I asked the kids to create a straight, curved and zig zag line for vines. They then used what I called 'circle makers', known to most adults as wine corks, to make the grapes. I also had them do a little worksheet to place on the back as an ART note for parents to know what we talked about. If you would like to see that please check click here.

This project was inspired by one of my favorite blogs… Jenny from Artolazzi. I didn't know that I pulled it off from her blog until she let me know (Thanks by the way!!). I went to the blog to find the exact location of this project and was reminded of the MANY ideas I wanted to try off from her blog. I would suggest everyone go and do an extensive look at this WONDERFUL blog. Thanks for the inspiration Jenny!!!


  1. Oh, that was my blog! :)
    artolazzi :)
    yours turned out cute!

  2. You have so many GREAT ideas on your blog. You provide lots of inspiration for my lessons!

    My kindergarteners tried this lesson last week:

    We loved the results! Thanks for sharing!