Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 ways to get to know your clay...

I found the above image on Pre K Science Technology Links

I'm working on incorporating more science into my classroom in preparation of our school becoming a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Magnet School next year. I asked my kids to use their 5 senses to familiarize themselves to clay.

Smell the clay… the kids all said ewwww, it stinks… There, we all said it, lets get past it and not say it again for the rest of the hour:)

What does is sound like? Hah… they looked at me like I was crazy but all put their ear down to the clay to check it out… Just another reason I love 1st grade:)

Look, What does it look like? color? texture?

We did sight, hearing, smell… humm, what are we missing… oh yah, taste. Go ahead class, taste it:) Now their art teacher is really crazy. I QUICKLY shout out NO… I'm kidding we are not going to taste the clay… but if you did, what do you THINK it would taste like?

And finally… touch. Ah yes… the they are happy now:)


  1. What a fun way to introduce clay.
    My students are learning the hard lesson that clay gets hard quickly :)

  2. That is awesome! Our science teacher would love this. She is very into exploring with the 5 senses. :)

  3. Great connection to science!

    Don't you love clay lessons? The kids would do them every class time if they could. jan

  4. I LIKE this - especially with our younger artists - thanks for sharing a new approach.

  5. I love the looks on the kids' faces! However, I wouldn't have dared say that, since I have a 5th grade boy who licked his paintbrush for money.

  6. Hysterical, 1st grade is great. I like the new blog layout too~

  7. Have you found many "Science and Art" websites?