Thursday, March 3, 2011

5th Grade Face Cards

I have seen the face card done on many blogs in the past. I LOVE them. I asked my students to to create themselves as a face card. They were asked to use the same 'stylized' face of the card but they could give little changes that represent them such as sports, or hobby interests.

We did drew this project on a template (click here to for a printable template). I found this to be helpful to get the letters backwards for the printing plate and the lines to match up to create a complete card. We printed this project with foam. This way the images are similar on the top as on the bottom. Finally, they colored in some of the lines to give it a little pizzaz.

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  1. Wow what a great idea! I'm going to do playing cards for part of our self portraits unit but I never thought about the reverse image! I was going to have them do it with pencil really dark fold and rub to get an idea for the reverse. I guess I'll have to have them add the jack, queen, king symbol last!

    Didn't think of that!

    Yours are fabulous. I'm still afraid of foam printmaking but I haven't tried it with an older grade. Maybe I'll practice this summer so I can get it down. I remember printmaking an underwater scene in third grade and it was so magical. It's funny how art teachers can remember everything from art class 23 years ago!