Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Action City

This was a really fun project for the 4th grade. I had them create three levels of city to introduced the foreground, middle ground and background. Then to make this project a little more interesting for the kids I asked them to create a super hero. This was no ordinary super hero. I printed off their class list to 200% and gave them each their head to cut out. I introduced foreshortening and had them create the super hero flying out of the city. They loved this.

Here are some supporting materials that might help if you want to do this lesson. Please click here to see the 'Art Note' that I asked students to place on the back of this project.

View the youtube below to see how I taught foreshortening. You'll hear me talk about Mr. Waller. He is a new teacher in the school that the kids think I have a rival with. I don't, but it is fun to fuel the fire:)

You can also find this video here


  1. Now I am just loving those super hero masks!! So cute.

  2. Ohhhh . . . I love this. It's always fun for the kids to incorporate photos of themselves in their art.

  3. LOVE your take home notes!!!!!
    I have been doing stuff like this in their notebooks but if I don't have funding to get notebooks next year I'll do the notes!
    Your kids are so good in the tutorial. What a great teacher. The document demo is so cool. They really love when you bring the other teacher out:) So cute.