Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crayfish on the brain!

Third grade brings cray fish into their classroom for a science project they do every year. The kids have nothing but cray fish on their brains for weeks. I thought I would roll with the theme and asked our parent group to order a cray fish die cut. I introduced stitching to the kids by giving them all a burlap sheet and teaching three of four different stitches with a blunt needle. I then moved them to a 'real' needle and felt. They loved this! It took a long time so next year I will do something smaller but with fibers but I had fun empowering the kids to craft. Crafting is something I don't feel I teach enough of.


  1. These crayfish are really cute.

    If understood correctly, is this project an introductory lesson on stitching?

  2. Yep… We work on burlap for a while and then when they are skilled in that we move onto shaper needles and add the felt on. They loved it!