Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Monster...

I love this new 'filler' project. This is the time of testing, field trips, and even snow days. My schedule is WAY off. Grades are due so I'm trying to catch up some classes and slow down others to get them somewhat back together. I saw this lesson on a blog called A Faithful Attempt. It was a great lesson and something I don't give my kids enough time doing… CREATING with imagination. You will see a link off from the blog I listed to Stefan G. Bucher's, Daily Monster. I love the clips of him talking about his work and the kids did too.

So we started by watching the clip of the Daily Monster. Then I had them grab a paint shirt if they thought they needed on because we used indian ink. I placed a blog of ink onto their large paper that 4 students shared. I found that this was a good solution to the ink that spreads in so many different ways due to the different techniques of the little artist.

Each student took their straw and blew the ink to a organic shape.

Sure, they complained about head aches from blowing so hard, but overall I heard a ton of laughter and energetic chatter.

The in dried fast and the kids drew a creature with pencil and then with sharpie markers. They laughed and shared stories about their monster… They had a blast.

I also saw a recent post from Art Projects For Kids. This might be another resource that could assist in this creative project.


  1. Super cute results, Mrs. Hahn! I love how you cut them out individually and made a wall display of them. My students also complained of headaches as well! ha! Plus our room smelled really bad due to the India ink (I have no windows :() Next time I might experiment with watered down black tempera or acrylic paint... We'll see.

  2. I'm so glad you posted this today when I had plenty of time to visit the Daily Monster site and spend some time there. How fun!! It is a new site to me. I'll bet your kids had a blast!

  3. What a great project.
    With ink, a straw and a lot of imagination your students testify to the unlimited possibilities of art.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. I like that they worked together individually. (huh?) What kind of paper did you use? Sometimes when we've blown ink, we've had a mess on the table w/the ink sinking through the paper to the table where I dropped the splotch of ink.

    Anyhow, these are so cute!

  5. Phyl- The paper we used was 80lb or heavier. I have a lot of random paper that was left in my room from years before. I'm working on using things, instead of 'saving' it. Anyway, nothing went through the paper and most students worked 'together individually' as you so eloquently said, but some of the figures joined and they made their creates joined… It was a fun project.

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