Thursday, March 10, 2011


2nd grade has just finished up ZENTANGLES. What a great way to meditate. I had quiet classes... it was wonderful. I tried out a couple of ways to make the zentangle projects. One way was with buildings. I tried two backgrounds, one with the cool rainbow sky and one on a solid sky. I like them both.

So many of my blogging friends have projects that are similar to this. I don't think this is a unique idea, in fact I saw that Deep Space Sparkle had a projects almost the same as this one that she posted lately. It's a good project, that's why you see it. The difference with this project is the emphasis on zentangles.

Please see the 'art note' I place on the back of the project. Feel free to use it...


  1. Cool idea those zentangle skyscrapers :)

    Ilse at

  2. I feel like a very late dinner guest....what is a zentangle??? The patterns are beautiful, but what is the strategy to creating them?

  3. I have found a ton of websites that might help you Mrs. Tannert. Please see the Zentangle tab on my live binder. Click on the link below.

  4. I wanted to thank you so much for the melted down crayon idea! I made my own with my playgroup, but this time in rainbow fashion in celebration of St. Patty's Day. Take a look:

    Thanks so much for your inspiration! I am one of your newer followers.

  5. It is funny, but on the first Zentagle in your post, I can see in the left corner traces of an optical illusion project :)This is evidence of how students retain information and use it in future projects.

    I have to try this Zentagle project one day :)

    Thanks for sharing