Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breaking down on the grid...

I had a couple of questions about the 'how' of the grid project for my 4th grade (click here). Here is how I broke it down. It was a little confusing for me (the creator) so I hope I can explain how I did the project. Here is my attempt...

Each student is given a grid and a section of the over all image. On each of the images I placed the same grid (I used a clear transparency over the picture to place the same grid on the image when making copies for the kids). I let them place three sections of the image onto the grid (simply to help them line up their drawing.

Using the sections NOT placed down, the students would draw with pencil using the grid.

Now have the kids use their hatching and cross hatching skills (they already practiced how to use a grid and how to hatch and cross hatch the hour before). I encouraged them to used both methods to give a little broken up look.

The students created each 'poster' with 12 sections. They had to place them together as a team with little help from me. It was fun to see them working as a group to figure out the 'mystery' image. I hope this helped! Let me know if there are more questions.

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  1. Yes this is helping. Totally different from the "enlarging" thing I did. Now how big was the transperency grid that you copy??? Was it regular copy paper. It looks so big when you see it here! So you gave the kids all the pieces to place down and they pulled up the piece they were working on and drew it themselves then did the next one so on and so forth? Could you predraw the squares for lower groups and have them focus on the cross hatching skills? Or would it take away the point? Just wondering if you could use KATHY's pdf's (the big murals that you buy for $5) to do this a little easier? Thanks for taking the time to explain! You put a lot of work into prepping this!!! It came out so great.