Friday, April 8, 2011

I had to share!

I don't know if someone who has never lived in the midwest or similar climate could really understand what spring means to us. Yesterday was the first time in 6 months that we were above 60 degrees. Because of that, the kids were in a great mood, I was in a great mood, my student teacher was in a great mood. This all added up to make the best day of my teaching career. REALLY! Let me just share one little snippet of my day…

At the beginning of the my kindergarten hour we always do a 'talking brush'. We pass a brush around and say our name and I give them a question to answer. It is my favorite part of the day for my K's because it give me a chance to hear from everyone of those little guys. The question of the day was WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS VERY OLD? (we are getting ready to draw ourself when we are 100 years old).

'C' (we'll call the first student) got the talking brush and said, "My name is C, and I know my grandma." The bush was passed to another student who's name is 'Z'. After hearing 'C' response, 'Z' said, "My name is 'C'…". Well... in Kindergarten humor this was a winner! The whole class was laughing out loud! He was laughing too! He mixed up his own name and we were all laughing and having fun because of it.

Once the talking brush went around to the rest of the class, 'Z' raised his hand again, and said, "Mrs. Hahn, do you remember when I said my name was 'C'?" Because I have a memory of more the thee minutes, I responded with, "Yes, 'Z', I do." He explained that he said 'C' because 'C' is his best friend and he always thinks about 'C' and he has a lot of fun with his friend 'C'… then he place his arm around his best friend in the world. My student teacher and I could hardly hold back our smiles for the rest of the day.

This good day was brought to me by the spring weather of Minnesota!


  1. You're right. That's pretty perfect!!

  2. I love the idea of the talking brush. What a sweet story. Enjoy your spring weather, you deserve it! We are very spoiled here with our climate. We are supposed to get some sprinkles today and some of the TV meteorologists announce, "Stormwatch!" :D

  3. I love the talking brush! Sometimes the simplest ideas are so great. And I love the story too.

    Hah - you have us beat - I think today was maybe in the 50's here in the Adirondacks, and hopefully maybe we will break 60 tomorrow (the forecast is good), but we haven't yet. I opened my classroom window for the 1st time in months, and it was wondrous letting the fresh air blow in. Yeah spring!!

    And we had a good day too. Lots of clay this afternoon, and this morning was so much blue paint my hands will stay blue for a week I think. The kids were happy, and so am I.

  4. What a great story...those kinders are something else, aren't they?! We've already had our first 100 degree day a week ago so 60 degrees sounds wonderful to me too!

  5. Nothing like a Saturday morning, drinking a cup of coffee and reading this sweet story on your post.

  6. Oh - that was wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. HI Nic, I'm glad the weather is warming up for you and what a wonderful warm story. It certainly put a smile on my face... Hey, when are we going to start our ATC? Annax