Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not so angry chicks...

Aren't these fun! These are some spring chicks that my second grade made but many of my students are calling them angry birds after a app that a lot of them play. I love the different personalities on all these cute birds. I tried three different methods on these. Some are just a pinch pot with a beak and tail. Another class we added two balls of clay for the eyes. Yet one other class we added two holes and used pipe cleaners for legs. The kids had a fun time making them and I have heard a lot of positive comments. Good Job 2nd grade!


  1. They look quite impressive sitting all together in the showcase. jan

  2. I love these! I have some clay that is air dry, (since I don't have a kiln!) that I need to use asap, and this would be perfect! You have some wonderful ideas...I am joining your followers right now! Come on over to my blog...would love some insight!
    Have a wonderful year!