Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ruler Eye

You know those people you just click with… Well, I have one working in my room right now. My student teacher is funny and creative. I'm having a blast learning from her and getting her great perspective on education!

She has been watching me work on one point perspective with my 5th grade and I was going on and on about how you have to use a ruler to make the lines and how all art teachers have a super power or seeing when student haven't been using the ruler. Well this is a cute gift that she made me over the weekend. (to see it better click here)

This is a 'Ruler Eye' certificate. It that I have had ruler training for approximately 10 hours, it state topics include potential hazardous of ruler use, hands on training… and so on. It is really funny and the kids couldn't tell if I was joking or not because she made it look so professional.

Loving your job make it fun, if you are having fun, the kids are too. I'm glad Ms. N knows how important it is to have a good time and still be professional. She is going to make a great teacher!

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  1. Aren't good student teachers a wonderful gift?!