Friday, September 16, 2011

Slot Shelter

I want to get the word out for a new friend, Corinne.  Please read the below if you are an art educator in any aspect of the word.  This looks like an amazing project!

Hi All, 

This is an invitation to participating in another large scale collaborative design project that engages both national and international schools!

We are two artists and arts educators, Corinne Takara and Pantea Karimi, based in Bay Area, California; who are currently designing an exciting student collaborative art project, Slot Shelters, an exploration into shelters and patterns reflecting on community globally. This project will be conducted in various schools both inside and outside U.S.A. between Falls 2011-2013. We are partnering with Zero 1, the art and technology network based in San Jose, CA and have applied for a NEA Media Arts Grant (results of which will be known after May 2012).  Slot Shelters is starting now with a few schools and will be launched on a larger scale in the Spring and Fall 2012. 

Our project website:

We have submitted a Library 2.0 conference proposal regarding Slot Shelters:

Currently we have students participating from: 2 schools in California, 1 school in Hawaii, 1 in Utah, and 1 in Azerbaijan (where students conducted the Explore: Building Prototypes of Slot Shelters lesson last week. We will update our website with the outcome soon).

This year, the project is inviting 4th and 5th grade classes. We are looking to add to our pool of schools participating this academic year. If you are interested in joining Slot Shelters this academic year or are contemplating it for next academic year, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you! We have a teacher informational and instructional welcome packet to share with you.

Corinne Takara, Lead Teaching Artist and Project Lead
Pantea Karimi, Lead Teaching Artist and Project Co-Lead              and

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  1. Oh, Wow, Thank you for posting this, Nic! I so appreciate it. This is going to be a fun ride and I am so excited to get kids working collaboratively in SketchUp and talking about their art in VoiceThread.

    On another note, we are doing the SwapBot ATC Fall themed cards today in class (2nd graders in Cupertino, California). I will share some images of what the children create on my blog tonight. They are so excited to be potentially swapping with students in Georgia, Minnesota and Tennessee. Thanks for organizing the SwabBot experience for them.