Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Advertising the QR codes...

So I have been talking quite a bit about using QR codes in the classroom and I think I finally have a way to try it.  For the last project that students finished I asked some students to sit in front of the iPad and do an iMovie of themselves talking about their art.

My plan is to attach a QR code to the youtube of the students and allow viewers to hear first hand about the art from the artist themselves.  I put this on a discussion thread on ArtEd 2.0 Ning and got some good discussion  Theresa McGee suggested that I prepare the parents before conferences.  She told me to send them how to have the proper app available on their phone.  GREAT idea!

Here is the worksheet I adapted for my classes.  I used a lot of verbiage from a post I saw from Jump Scan.  I will send this home tomorrow in hopes that parents will get word of my interactive art projects.

If you would like to look or use the worksheet, feel free.  Click here for a link to the google doc.


  1. This is so cool!!!! Great way to have parents connect with children's artwork through technology. I can't find the words to say how awesome of an idea this is.

  2. Wow! This is totally insane in a good way! Very futuristic. Let us know if the parents came prepared and how it worked. You are really awesome Ms. Teacher of the YEAR!