Sunday, November 27, 2011

7th Grade clay project- 1st quarter

Here you see one of the clay projects from last quarter.  The 7th grades students were asked to bring in a container to use as a mold.  They places white clay in the container on day one.  Day two, they painted a red clay slip over the outside of the clay container.  Finally on Day three, they carved out of the red clay to revel the white clay again.  In this work you see the bottom side of Nolan's work.  I found the bottom of most of the clay works were the interesting part of the work.  We are starting a similar project with my 7th grade this quarter.  I will have a post in the next couple of months with the changes I made for them.  To see more clay works like this one please view my flickr site.


  1. Very cool project- it reminds me a bit of Pueblo pottery. What tools did they use for the carving step?

  2. Wow you can use red clay slip as paint? I am such a novice! Can you explain? I have no money for more glazes but red clay is pretty cheap or I could get some from another art teacher. Thanks for helping it's probably simpler then I think!