Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8th Grade: Chuck Close Inspired...

I was inspired by great blogs such as Art is What I Teach .  There are others that have wonderful tutorials of how to do similar project that I don't have the links too as well.   If you know of a link to add to this post, let me know.   It is something I always wanted to give a try and now I have.  

Students were instructed to enlarge their image using a grid process.  I asked them to leave their grid behind and use for different color groups for each area (shirt, skin, hair, and background).  It was the my first project for these students mixing acrylics.  I learned a lot from this project and I know the kids did too.  

Update:  After posting this I have had a couple of bloggers send me links.  Check out the following for spin offs on this lesson.  Organized Chaos, and Artsology.


  1. I love Chuck Close projects. I do 2 similiar Chuck Close projects. One with paint and the other with a black sharpie.

  2. These look awesome! Separating each section into different color groups makes the process less daunting!

  3. Wow! These are great! A very inspiring project.

  4. These are wonderful - I love how well they mimicked the patterned brush strokes that make up each box. I have an interesting anecdote that you might want to share with your students: Chuck became wheelchair-bound in 1988 due to a spinal artery collapse, but when he was able to resume painting, he was determined to continue to paint large canvases. But how to do so when he's in a wheelchair? His solution was to cut a slat-shaped hole in the floor of his studio, and mount his canvases on a hydraulic lift that allows him to lower and raise the canvas as needed! I had the privilege of visiting him in his studio when I worked at Pace Gallery and got to see his set-up firsthand. You can get a sense of it here: http://www.artsology.com/gfx/chuck-close-in-studio.jpg

  5. These turned out great! We just finished a school-wide Chuck Close project and this might be a nice follow-up activity for my older kids! You can see about our project at http://www.leannepoindexter.blogspot.com

    Thanks for sharing!