Wednesday, November 2, 2011

8th grade: Creature Jars

Inspired by a video found on Ceramic Art Daily I walked my 8th grade through this fun lesson.  I made a lot of modification to this project for the classroom, but I like how it turned out.  In these first two images you see the closed 'jar' (on the left) and the slightly open 'jar' (on the right).

Day 1:

Students were instructed to bring in a soup can for class.  We used the can as a form to create this project. I used ideas for the base of the monster opt off from another video from Ceramic Art Daily.  Students had to create a three or four footed base.  I had student roll a slab, form it around a paper wrapped soup can and create the feet.

Day 2:  Because students wrapped the can with paper, the can was easily removed.  They repeated the paper wrapping for the top portion.  This time they created a face or creature.

Day 3:  This was the final day for fixing and fussing on the two parts as well as adding a lip on their jar.  You can see in the images below, this student turned his lip into teeth so when the pot is slightly open, it looks as if the monster is smiling.

I learned a lot working with the students on this project.  I feel like I would be able to do a better job a second go round.  I had some problems with my kiln (learning a new kiln is fun:() ) and my instruction missed on a couple of things, but I may do this project again in the future.

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