Friday, December 2, 2011

The POWER of Zentangles

I asked this quarters 8th grade to strike a pose the first couple of days in art class. Talk about a get to know you activity. I explained that they would be using the pictures of themselves to create a zentangle project. I loved the creativity of some of these works. There are a bunch of others on my flickr account. Please visit and ENJOY!


  1. SUPER cool! How did you decide how large to print everyone's pictures? Did you let the students decide? I was only curious so I could figure out how much negative space to leave them..

  2. Ciao Hahn!
    Congratulations for the jobs posted.
    I love the originality and creativity of your blog
    For me it will be a pleasure to follow you.
    ciao Luisa

  3. I just LOVE this! I can tell you are loving your new position!