Friday, January 27, 2012

8th grade registration...

At our school students are asked to sign up for high school classes about this time of the year.  They have to decided what they want to take in a place some kids have never stepped foot in.  I wanted to make sure they made informed decisions when it came to art.  Our high school happens to be across the road so I spoke to the the high school art teacher who was more then willing and welcoming to the idea of 8th grade students taking a 'field trip' to her room.  We met in my class at the beginning of the hour and walked across the street as a group.  Students were invited into all three studios, toured the school to look a the MANY displays of quality work, and finished the tour with a discussion with the high school teacher.  She explained the many options in art at the high school, the terminology, and we even were able to talk to the high school students about their projects.  The kids loved this experience.  After teaching middle school for this short time, I've noticed that if it directly effects them, they care.  If I can't show them how they are benefitting, they check out.  I guess as most of us do:)  I think I could have taken them to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and had a tour but they wouldn't have cared as much as they did for my free, 1 hour, tour of a school they will be moving to soon.


  1. Wow, what a pottery studio! In our little school there is an elementary art room (mine) and a high school art room. She has a couple of wheels, a handful of computers for digital photo, and maybe one easel, and a ridiculous sink that looks more like a bird bath.

    Great idea to bring your students on a tour!

  2. Dear Mrs. Hahn,

    Thanks to you taking the time to tour the high School art opportunities with your kiddos, they will probably increase the art class enrollments next year. The kids will probably always remember your for that kindness. You rock!


  3. what a great idea - seeing the room can be so much more enticing than a description on paper. good thinking.