Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mr. Potato Head and Angry Bird Digital Collages

This quarter I asked my students to do two different digital collages.  This first group of students were asked to research a artist and create a Mr. Potato Head.  I used iMovie on the iPad to create the video's and a similar tactics as I did in the past for the digital collage (see past posts).  I like found this lesson to be successful because it shows student learning, give a snap shot of how to create a digital collage, and encourages team work.

The other group of student used the subject of Angry Birds to show an art style.  I found Art Styles to be a little two abstract for 8th grade.  I think they did a good job, I just feel that the artist was a bit more successful for this group.

Both groups did a GREAT job!!!  I they thought this was a fun activity and I thought it promoted creativity.  I had my minis help with each of the video's and my students even liked that.  I will miss these groups of 8th graders, things move so fast in the middle school.


  1. These are awesome! Great idea, and the kids did wonderfully! Fun to hear matisse's voice too.

  2. Haha these are great! And I know what you mean about students moving up... I usually do K-6, but 2 weeks before school started this year, I found out I was going to do 7th!! So I was super excited to surprise my returning students : )