Monday, January 16, 2012

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artist...

Jessica, from The Art of Education was kind enough to let me know that MiniMatisse is nominated for Art Ed Blog of the Year.  I am so humbled by this, especially when I see who the other nomination are.  I want to take a minute to highlight some of the other blogs that are being honored in the same way.  If you are not following these blogs, please do because they are AMAZING!!

This post, is about Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artist.  Hope Hunter Knight is a wonderful educator who is willing to share all of the exciting events, and activities that go on in her room.  I have been fortunate enough to trade ATC's with Mrs. Knight's class.  She has a wonderful board of all the trades her class has taken part in.  Go ahead, check out Mrs. Knight's Smart Artist blog!


  1. Whoa - thanks so much! Yes, our ATC trade was my first experience in that arena and I had much to learn - thanks to you, now I'm hooked and my students are too! I always wanted a "pen pal" when I was a kid, and I can see that same excitement in my students when they send and receive the cards. So flattered by the shout-out, especially coming from one of the first bloggers I ever followed... good luck in the contest!