Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting with Lights

Painting with lights was a FUN projects I did with my mini's this weekend.  Again, this was inspired by a pin on Pinterest.  It lead me to a blog called Artful Parents.  The post was about Picasso's painting with lights and gave some hints on how to crate the energetic art!  Here are just a few of the pictures we did at home but I think we will see much more in the future in my class.  This is the perfect one day project or project for kids who are done early.  There is more images on my flickr account.  


  1. I do light graffiti every spring with my students! It is always the last two weeks of the school year. I black out all my windows and hook up the digtial camera to the TV - pass out some flashlights and away we go!

  2. This looks soo cool its beautiful! amazing.(:

  3. This is soo cool its beautiful. amazing!(: