Friday, January 6, 2012

Write about it!

I'm working at the middle school level now but the last several years I was at the elementary level.  Rogers Elementary is a STEM school starting this year and WOW are they doing amazing thing!  Here are a couple of kiddo's on their morning show and we (the art  department) made the news!  If you want to see what a really quality morning announcements look like, check out the whole video.  If you just want to hear about the art department, forward to 3 minutes and 20 seconds. (click here to watch) Really… this is so cute!  This brings me to my next point on this post.  Writing an article is an amazing way to share ideas with peers, a good resume builder, but I feel most of all, a GREAT way to advertise your program and empower students!  Paige and Kal, from this article are being recognized at the school and district level!  These kids KNOW they are artist, they don't have to be one when they grow up!  I encourage you to submit articles to SchoolArts or any other arts publication.  I recently saw in the latest publication that another fellow blogger, Mr. E. submitted his amazing project too! Way to go.  (click here to see Mr. E.'s) article.  Make it a new year resolution!

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  1. I actually didn't submit an article as most do...the editor of the magazine contacted me and asked me if I'd write an article about that project. Either way though..people should try!!!

  2. I kind of forgot you were being published until I got my copy at school the other day. I was flipping through it talking to the librarian and I kind of yelled "Hey I know that person!" Well, sort of, I know your blog! Congratulations! :)

  3. those two are too cute on the morning show! all morning announcements should be that fun and informative... great job and congrats.