Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8th grade clay works

 I had my 8th grade create bowls and plates for their clay project this last quarter.  The ceramic works were stunning when finished.  They used coils and spheres to create the designs.  I asked students to put feet on their projects.  They good do as the student did below, create 3 or 4 feet at the bottom or they could add a coil wrapped around into a circle to raise the work off the surface a bit.  I really stressed that they needed to make these 'thick as a double stuffed Oreo cookie' and almost all made it through both firings.

Flickr slide show (click here)


  1. Very good work! Did you use a bowl to model the clay on it? Your students are very lucky!

  2. Similar to one of my clay projects and just lovely and so simple!

  3. These are really neat! Could you please explain how these were made? What directions did you give yours students--are the coils scored and slipped? Did you use a mold for the shape of the bowl?

    Many Thanks,
    Fellow Art Teacher :)