Monday, April 30, 2012

Reduction Drawing
This quarter for our drawing unit, the 8th grade did a reduction drawing with charcoal.  They had  a blast getting really messy.  I didn't have any idea HOW mess this was going to be.  The second day we went outside on drawing boards and had a better time for all... the class, the teacher, and especially the custodian:)  It was a big challenge for the kids to think backwards.  Bringing out the lights, rather then the adding the darks was hard, but worth it.  this project was limited to two days and more about the experience of the medium then anything else.  Below you will see many other resources that I used to explain this project.  All are good sites to visit and fun blogs to join.  for more images of what my middle schooler did, check out my flickr site.

If you have suggestions of how to use messy mediums such as chalk and/or charcoal, please comment!


Class: Drawing and Painting I Charcoal Tool Drawing

Jason Botkin: Images above and below, helped me explain the process for a reduction drawing.

Another inspiration was Artisun

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