Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Soup- community tent 2012

Reusing CD cases for the Mini Mosaics
I am done with Art Soup 2012.  Last weekend we wrapped up our annual festival and I'm happy to say that is was a success.  There are things that will be improved on for next year, but I feel all and all, it was a fun day!  The Elk River Arts Alliance sponsored a mini mosaic project that I saw several years ago at a festival in Minneapolis.  (click here to see previous post or here).  I asked several sources for CD case donation and didn't receive any.  Luckily I had a backup.  

My Mini standing by the ArtStart vehicle.
ArtStart, Reusing and Reimaging our world!  This is a GREAT little 'junk' store in St. Paul that has all donated products ready for crafty people to recreate with.  (click here for link)  

The tent filled with ctivities for all ages!

Community Education of Elk River provided a lot of activities for our younger groups.

ECFE had a bunch of precut shapes and glue sticks.  This was a fun activity for lots of kids... especially my youngest mini.  She also spent a lot of time painting (image below).  Each kid got a popcycle stick and use a paint paste to make their art.  The paste was paint and flower.  It was such a cool texture.

 Then we had Kaleidoscope Charter School come in and do paper marbling in the tent as well.  WOW, what a great bunch of teachers and students working with these kids making some amazing paper!  I was really excited to have them join us this year!

North Ballet Academy joined us for a second year in a row.  They had a table set up and provided dancers for entertainment.

Munchkin Music joined us for their first year.  What a GREAT time for the mini's.  They loved singing the songs and playing instruments throughout the day!

Reading Frenzy Book Store of Zimmerman had a booth as well in the community tent! Reading Frenzy provides several community events through out the year.

Land of Lakes Choirboys were on site too!  They also provided some entertainment on the main stage.

The City of Elk River also provided a booth.  Our city is known for being active and nature continuous.   Watch the below video for a brief about that...

This was just the community tent.  Elk river Arts Alliance provided venders, food, and entertainment through out the day.  (click her for more of the activities)

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