Thursday, June 14, 2012

Artist Rock Thoughts

Ch. Stückelberger has left a new comment on your post "Step 7- Hiding the rocks.": 

I like that Warhol rock. I'd like to see more of them. (I've got a rock project going with a class as well.) 

You ask and I will answer!

With my art class I had the kids do a little twist on the Monster rocks for their Rock Thoughts.  Here we have a series of rocks I called 'Artist Rocks'.  I asked the kids to decorate a rock as an artist, or in an artist style.  As you can see we have great artist such as...

Keith Haring...


Pablo Picasso... 

Andy Warhol...

Georgia O'Keefe...

I asked the students to go through the same process as the rest of the school.  The advantage was they know the process of rock thoughts.  I found doing this a second time with them was really beneficial.  I also gave more specifics on the story.  I asked them to include 5 facts about their artist or style.  Most students understood my request.  Some didn't but still had a wonderful story.  If you want to see the whole series of these rocks, click here for my flickr site.

When these rocks were done I sent them all over the world with my staff.  Most teachers do a big trip in the summer and I sent a rock with many of them.  Keep your eye out for a rock in your neck of the woods.


Check out the stories as well (click here for Rock Thoughts).  I was REALLY impressed with these.   Here is just one example of a story of the rock above by Andrew, grade 8.  It was copied from the RockThoughts website...

It was a bright sunny day, but Pablo Pic-ROCK-so was inside, painting, as it is his favorite thing to do. Pablo had created many things, which he hung up on his wall, and he loved to paint in an angular fashion. Many people teased Pablo, his paintings were not like every other rock’s, they were different. Pablo didn’t mind the teasing though, as long as he could still paint. He rolled over by the window to see out side, right in between two of him paintings, the first was called Guernica and the second was named Les Demoiselles D’ Avigirnon.
Pablo really liked those paintings he thought he did really well on them but some of the other rocks didn’t like them because those paintings, like Pablo were different. He turned to look at two of his other paintings that he had worked really had on. One, named Gertrude Stein, was hung over his Rock-couch. The other, the one he called The Two Saltimbangques, was hung on his Rock-Fridge, where he kept his Rock-Food. All of the sudden, Pablo heard a knock on the door. He was pretty surprised because for one, none of the other rocks ever wanted to play with Pablo and two, rocks don’t have arms to knock with. He slowly rolled over to answer the door to meet a slim, round, smooth, Rock-Girl.
“I couldn’t help but notice that when I was looking through you window I saw some magnificent paintings, did you paint them yourself?” asked the odd Rock-girl. “Well actually I did, but no one else seems to appreciate them like you…” replied Pablo with a blush. “Well I think they are great and I also think we should hang out some time, would you like to do something on Friday?” said Rock-girl. “That would be great!” exclaimed Pablo, who was excited to have finally met a new friend.

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