Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How would you use gifninja in the classroom?

This is really cool!  I was visiting Ms. Durkin's, Student's Work blog the other day and she had an awesome post!  Her kids were working on self portraits and pop art.  They really turned out cool.  I asked about the way she posted the image.  It's like a VERY short little animation.  I asked a question as to how she did it in her comments and she replied right away.  Her's what she had to say...

Ms. Durkin's class self portraits

Thank you so much for the comments on my blog! You have made my day!

The animated gifs are really simple using gifninja.com and just uploading photographs taken in quick succession.

I am loving exploring your blog and the inspirational work on here!


Well there you have it.  Another reason why I blog.  I learn something new everyday from amazing educators such as Ms. Durkin.  I was impressed that she replied right away but that's what teachers do... they teach... even if it is someone half-way around the world.

Anyway, My oldest mini and I had to give it a try...


Here's his high five.  Can't you see this being used in the classroom.  I'm going to use it in the way that Ms. Durkin did for sure.  Can you comment with any other ideas of how one could use this technology?  

Thanks Ms. Durkin for your help!  I appreciate it!


  1. Oh my, thanks so much for the blog post and your lovely comments! *blushes*
    My weekend learning is adding the 'following' option to my blog, thanks so much for the advice!

    Ms Durkin

  2. Sweeeeet I want to look into this soon!!!! Maybe during Stella's nap time:) Then try it with the little chunk too!