Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How would you use Tagxedo in your classroom?

A recent follower of MiniMatisse has a recent post on her blog that lead me to tagexto.  Sara G is a teacher who is interested in technology and writes a blog named Student texted, Teacher Approved (cute name Sara).  Tagxedo was a site I found of from her post.

Tagxedo is a lot like Wordle.  I love Wordle because it's so easy.  You plug in your words and it creates a fun work of art with your text.  This is a bit different because you can place your desired words in a shape.  I choose my great state of Minnesota.  We are known for our 'Minnesota Nice' (just another reason to come visit me):).  I like the site but found it a little clunky.  Give it a try, tell me what you think and comment of how you might use this in your classroom.


  1. Another COOL find! I don't know yet but the perfect application presents itself, I will share it here! Technology is funny, sometimes I learn about new things, put them on a shelf and then pull them out when situation calls for it! Thanks for another idea for the shelf:) e

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