Saturday, July 7, 2012

Simple Fun- Sharpie Marker Tie-dye

Thank you Pinterest:)  My many hours of pinning are not for waist:)  They have provided so many opportunities for my 'simple fun' activities this summer.  The latest, sharpie marker tie-dye (click here for directions).  I brought T-shirts for the cousins at this 4th of July celebrations.  We died, and even strung some beads on some of the shirts.  The kids LOVED them and even some of the adults went and bought a shirt to do over the holiday:)

My oldest Mini markering the t-shirt

adding the rubbing alcohol 

Aunty sharing her masterpiece

My mini and her cousin.

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  1. I just pinned that yesterday! Super cool idea. I want to have students use large fabric squares then attach a stick at the top for a wall hanging. The bead idea you had is a great idea I will be using! Thanks for the creative tip!