Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple fun- Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Have a sidewalk chalk paint party!  

AGAIN, pinterest has introduced me to a simple activity that is a HIT on the block.  There are lots of posts out there about this activity so I'll just link you to one.  Here is Busy Kid's = Happy Mom's receipt.   
image from Busy Kids=Happy Mom

I mix the stuff right up in a large water pitcher.  I only mix it as white and allow the kids to add the color.  They use a single apple sause container and I fill them up with the white slurry.  We have a rule of 5 drops of food coloring, mix and then 5 more.  I always have the primary colors so if they want to add 5 of one and 5 of another they still end up with a pretty secondary color.  The mixing is half the fun for them.  I have a lot of cheep, sturdy brushes so we have had this 'painting party' several times on the block this summer.  The kids come over and request it.  How could I say no:)

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